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PP Møbler

pp503 Round Chair

pp503 Round Chair

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The “Round One” as Wegner referred to it with his usual provincial modesty, is one of the most famous Danish pieces of furniture — and certainly most distinctly Danish. In its own modest and simple way, it sums up the very essence of traditional Danish woodworking and design philosophy. It is considered the magnum opus of Hans J. Wegner. 

The armrest for the Round Chair consists of three pieces each carved out of solid wood from a shelter tree approximately 150-200 years old, the age at which most trees naturally start to decay

The PP503 chair, designed a year later, is distinguished from the PP501 by its upholstered seat. John Kennedy, who suffered from back pain, chose it for his televised debate with Nixon in 1960. This contributed to the chair's fame, leading to its renaming as The Chair and its permanent inclusion in the White House furnishings.

Wood : Oak, Ash, Cherry or Walnut.

Finishes: The pp503 comes with an upholstered seat.

Dimensions :
Width 63cm
Depth 52cm
Height 76 cm
Seat height 45 cm

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